How Much Wallpaper Is Needed to Remodel Your Home

How much wallpaper is needed in a home can make the difference between having a beautiful looking room or one that looks cramped and dingy. The amount of wallpaper needed for a particular room can be determined by measuring the size of the room, determining the type of wallpapers you want removed, and how large the furniture will be in that room. The price for Wallpaper Removal in Indianapolis, Indiana depends on the following elements:

Type of wallpaper. The quality of wallpaper that you have in your home can affect the cost to have wallpaper removed. Wallpaper that is made from vinyl or other synthetic material will require different procedures to complete the process than those that are made of real wood or real paint. Different types of paint require different methods to properly remove them. Vinyl wallpaper is easier to remove because it does not have the same texture and appearance as real wood or real paint. Vinyl wallpaper also requires less cleaning time than either real wood or real paint. On the other hand, wood and real paint will require more cleaning time and may require the use of a stronger solvent to properly remove them.

Size of room. The amount of wallpaper required in a room will depend heavily on how many rooms are being decorated. If there are several rooms being decorated then you will need more wallpaper to cover all of them. However, if only one room is being decorated then you may have to choose which room you are removing wallpaper from based on what you think the room needs. If you are decorating a child’s bedroom then removing wallpaper that is too small could leave a room with a very small bed.

Height of ceilings. If your ceiling height is more than six feet high then you may have to choose between removing wallpaper or replacing the ceiling. Most people prefer to replace the ceiling instead of removing wallpaper since replacement often has a better effect on the overall look of a room than removal of wallpaper does.

Current Style. Some homeowners are very particular about their wallpaper style. If you own a home that has a traditional or country design then you may have to have that wallpaper removed. In some cases the removal of that is necessary will have to take into consideration how your current wallpaper will blend with the rest of your house. You may have to choose between removing wallpaper that matches your existing color scheme and painting over the wallpaper so it blends in with the walls. or you may have to choose a wallpaper pattern that goes with your existing wall design and paint the walls so it blends in with your wall design.

Flooring. Your floors will have an impact on the cost to have your wallpaper removed. If the flooring is wood, you will have to decide if you would like to replace it or have the floor replaced. If the flooring is wood then the cost of removal will be substantially less than if the flooring is carpet. If the floor is carpet then the cost of removal will be much higher. Flooring installation will be more costly than replacing the flooring because the new floor will have to be installed.