How Does Evolution Work?


There has been a lot of confusion over the issue of evolution 에볼루션. One of the most common questions is, “Is evolution fact or fiction?” And the answer really depends on who you ask. While there have been many theories and scientific studies conducted over time, there have also been quite a few instances of fraudulence which have attempted to teach evolution in schools.

If we take the theory of natural selection, it is a basic premise that natural selection occurs through descent with modification. Natural selection is the ability of an organism to change and survive through changes in its environment. This can be applied to an organism’s genetic makeup as well as its environment. What are the results of natural selection? The organism’s ability to adapt and survive.

While this is a scientific theory, much of what we know about evolution is an educated guess based on fossils and radiometric data. Over the years since Alfred Wallace first explained the theory of evolution, scientists have spent literally thousands of hours looking for fossils that can help to prove or disprove different theories. They have discovered many transitional forms between dinosaurs and modern day animals. These have provided scientists with a starting point to build their case. But, not all scientific theories are accepted by all people, and not all scientists agree with all of the findings.

Charles Darwin is commonly known as the father of science, and his theory of evolution was based on natural laws. He made a name for himself after his historic voyage, “The Origin of Species.” From this great voyage, his theories were put into practice. Biological evolution is the gradual change over time in all biological species and over time in entire ecosystems. Many philosophers believe that his hypothesis, in essence, is the basis for all of the knowledge and wisdom of modern day biology.

Charles Darwin’s original hypothesis involved variation, survival of the fittest, and adaptation to a new environment. Later, he added the term “natural selection” to define the process through which species develop through natural selection. Charles Darwin’s hypothesis, along with those of evolutionists like Alfred Wallace and population geneticist Sir Richard Roberts, postulated that all species and individuals are born with the same traits. The difference is that through natural selection, the individuals that survive are ones that can adapt to the specific environment that they live in.

Natural selection and evolution are both considered to be important aspects in all biological systems, including humans. Because sexual reproduction is required for survival, individuals must select mates that will produce both a healthy and fertile child. Through the accumulation and inheritance of genetic differences among offspring, natural selection and evolution to produce the variance seen in complex systems of interaction among living things.